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Pure Water Distillers: Do You Really Need One of These?

After water treatment, plants and other water facilities have been removed from the water supply, distillation is one method that can give you pure water. Sometimes, notices are given to consumers when the standards set out by the EPA were not followed. Purelite water distillers can help you obtain safe water for your daily consumption.

Pure Water Distiller Facts

A distillation process is when a mixture is heated and then condensed to form a purer substance. This approach is superior to other point-of use water treatment systems, such as POUs. It removes the greatest number of contaminants. It is widely recognized as one of the best methods to produce pure drinking water. Distillation is a great way to remove biological, organic and non-organic substances such as viruses and bacteria. This process is more effective than UV, ultraviolet treatment, RO and reverse osmosis.

This is an ancient method that results from the regular action nature has called hydrologic cycle. In this cycle, the sun heats water surfaces like streams and lakes to produce vapors. Contaminants that have larger molecules than water will be left behind. The same applies to distillation, where water is boiled to get rid of germs and other chemicals.

Killing Contaminants

Pure water distillers can make highly purified water, and also improve the quality of water that is treated by utilities and plants. The steam is also reduced in heavy metals, biological agents and other toxins.

A carbon activated filter can also be used to remove VOCs, radon and other contaminants. The combination of activated carbon filter and distillation can remove contaminants like nitrates. The taste and odor of iron bacteria are also improved.

A Few Notes

The water purified by a distiller is not capable of removing minerals from the human body. There is no evidence that pure water leaches minerals from the human body. The process can however remove beneficial minerals such as iron, magnesium, and calcium. These minerals are well-known to prevent and improve health. There is no evidence that long-term drinking of distilled water can cause problems with your teeth. While water can be distilled to remove fluoride, it cannot take away fluoride from your teeth.