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The Best Interior Painters for Your Problems

Many problems can arise with painted interior surfaces. Some problems occur on freshly painted surfaces, and some over time. Preventative measures are the best solution to these paint problems. These are some common paint problems that you may encounter and the solutions to average cost for residential painting.

It is common to see two painted surfaces stuck together. For example, the jamb of a door sticking to its door. The paint may not have had time to fully dry before you closed the windows or doors. The paint may have been of a lesser quality. A better quality gloss or acrylic latex is the easiest solution. Lower grade acrylic latex, particularly in humid conditions does not offer enough blocking resistance to stop it from occurring.

It is caused by rubbing or brushing against the painted surface. The paint will appear glossy. In areas with high traffic, flat paint can become rubbed until it turns glossy. This can happen if the area is heavily spot cleaned. If a furniture piece rubs on the flat surface of paint, it will cause shiny spots to appear. This is the precursor of burnishing if the paint used was not resistant to stains or scrubbing.

For areas that are frequently cleaned and used, such as door sills, window trim, and other painted surfaces, a more durable latex paint is needed. Paint areas with high traffic or use that need to be cleaned frequently should not be flat but instead be semi-gloss. The paints can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleanser and a soft, sponge. It is important to rinse the surface with water after washing it. This will prevent the problem of burnishing.