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Self-Defense Training – What’s the Best Hands-To-Hand Close Quarter Combat System?

Are you serious about learning street-ready and effective self-defense techniques? You might have attended a few classes. You might be like the many students who choose to “self-teach” and learn from books, dvds, videos, or articles. Visit john black combat fighter before reading this.

You don’t care where you train. If you have done your homework and tried to find out as much information as possible about how to survive an attack on the streets, you might have some questions.

The most frequent question I receive from prospective students and students is:
“What do you think about “XYZ”, martial art, or system? Or, another way to put it… “Which close-quarter-combat self defense system or martial art is the best?”

But they don’t even ask about the art or system “XYZ.” To act in lieu of any number hand-to–hand or close quarter combat fighting system, I wrote that. You could also replace “XYZ” by a martial arts, such as:

Ninjutsu/Ninpo-Taijutsu is the self-defense system developed by Japan’s ancient Ninja family.
Aikijujutsu, one of the Samurai unarmed combat arts, is also known as Aikijujutsu.
Tae kwon do

It could even replace many self-defense systems, such as:

Krav maga
EDR (Emotional-based Defensive Reaction)