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Benefits of Metal Recycling

Metal recycling has seen a rapid growth as the public becomes increasingly aware of environmental issues. Consumers are now aware that they need to save the Earth’s natural resources, including energy and metals. They also want to work to reduce pollution and emissions. Domestic hazardous waste disposal is a great way to achieve all these goals.

Metal recycling not only benefits the environment but is also far cheaper than producing metals from scratch. Metal products made from recycled materials are far cheaper than those produced with virgin metals. Recycling metals has become one of the largest industries on the planet.

Metals are among the most recyclable materials. Steel and iron are the two most commonly recycled metals in the entire world. Metal recycling has developed a highly-developed market due to its economic and environmental value. The modern technological process makes it possible to refine and melt unprepared metals into useful new products.

Current estimates indicate at least 70 millions tons of steel and iron are recycled every year. Each year, more than 4 millions tons of aluminum and 1.5 million tonnes of copper are recycled. Scrap iron and steel, alone, could fill up more than 184,000,000 cubic yards of landfill at an annual cost of $30.

Metals recycling is causing a large amount of savings on natural resources. This includes 74% in water conservation, an 86% in reduction of air pollution and 90% in the conservation natural resources. RenovatedMetals.com provides energy-efficient and effective metal recycling services.